Tally Prime Complete Online Course for Efficient Accounting and GST Management

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Embarking on a journey to master Tally Prime can significantly enhance your accounting skills and streamline your GST management processes. Spanning 26 videos and practice files with 4 hours Videos, you’ll delve into every aspect of Tally Prime, from its installation to advanced features, ensuring you gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills for efficient accounting…


Embark on a journey to master Tally Prime with our comprehensive online course. Spanning 26 videos and practice files, this course covers everything from installation to advanced features, providing in-depth knowledge for efficient accounting and GST management.

Course Content:

Category 1: Getting Started

  • Introduction to Tally and step-by-step company creation.
  • Understanding ledger creation and types of vouchers.

Category 2: Voucher Entries and Transactions

  • Dive into voucher entry nuances and different types of vouchers.
  • Explore inventory information and its application in Tally Prime.

Category 3: Advanced Transactions

  • Learn Purchase Orders, Receipt Notes, and Rejection Out in Tally Prime.
  • Master Purchase Bills, Debit Notes, Sales Orders, and Bank Reconciliation.

Category 4: GST Management

  • Gain insights into GST introduction and implementation in Tally Prime.
  • Understand Multiple GST Rates, GST on Services, Fixed Assets, and Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM).

Category 5: Specialized Modules

  • Explore Bill of Materials, TDS, and TCS functionalities in Tally Prime.
  • Understand the intricacies of Cost Centers for efficient cost tracking.

Benefits of the Course:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: From installation to advanced features, covering every aspect of Tally Prime.
  2.  Practical Application: Practice files for hands-on learning, ensuring immediate application of concepts.
  3.  GST Mastery: Detailed insights into GST handling, multiple rates, and specialized scenarios.
  4.  Efficient Accounting: Master transactions like Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and Bank Reconciliation for accurate financial records.
  5.  Specialized Modules: Tackle TDS, TCS, and Cost Centers with confidence for thorough accounting management.

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Special Note

*** The course video Files are the property of trainer “Himanshu Kumar Dhar’. This has been provided to the student for the learning purpose only. You can’t resale, share or upload it anywhere by any means.


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