MS Office Online Course: Basic to Advance Level

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Introducing our Microsoft Office Complete Online Course, a comprehensive learning experience designed to elevate your proficiency in Excel, Access, Word, and PowerPoint. With over 10 hours of meticulously crafted content and 114 engaging video tutorials, you’ll master essential tools and techniques for data management, document creation, dynamic presentations, and database querying. From Excel essentials like…


Welcome to the comprehensive Microsoft Office Complete Online Course, brought to you by Training By Himanshu. This course is meticulously designed to equip you with the essential skills needed to excel in the use of Microsoft Office applications, including Excel, Access, Word, and PowerPoint.


Course Overview:

Dive into the world of Microsoft Office and explore a wide range of topics designed to enhance your proficiency and efficiency across various professional and personal tasks.

Course Duration: 10 hours 12 Minutes

Total Videos: 114

Excel Essentials:

  1. Excel Structure and Basics:
  2. Overview of Excel structure
  3. Understanding cell properties
  4. Autofill for values, text, and dates
  5. Advanced Autofill tools
  6. Text functions including UPPER, LOWER, PROPER, and TRIM
  7. Operators based equations
  8. Math functions and text functions like RIGHT, LEFT, FIND, MID, CONCATENATE, REPLACE, SUBSTITUTE, LEN, REPT, EXACT, and SEARCH
  9. Text to column functionalities
  10. Workbook and sheet protection techniques
  11. Logical and Conditional Functions:
  12. Introduction to IF function and logical tests
  13. Advanced IF functions including nested IF
  14. Understanding AND and OR functions and their combinations
  15. Exploring the usage of IF, AND, and OR together
  16. Pivot Tables and Data Analysis:
  17. Introduction to Pivot Tables
  18. Managing field areas and value field reports
  19. Working with slicers and duplicate pivot tables
  20. Grouping data to manage dates and values
  21. Inserting calculated fields
  22. Goal Seek and Scenario Manager
  23. Utilizing PMT function for EMI calculation
  24. Creating data tables for loan calculations
  25. Advanced Excel Features:
  26. Printing options in Excel
  27. Sharing workbooks and collaboration features
  28. Chart preparation including advanced customization
  29. Conditional formatting and data validation
  30. Advanced math functions
  31. Lookup functions like VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, and INDEX
  32. Understanding VLOOKUP array and column tricks
  33. Macro recording and execution techniques


Access Fundamentals:

  1. Introduction to MS Access
  2. Overview of MS Access and its functionalities
  3. Creating Tables in MS Access
  4. Understanding table creation and design
  5. Importing and Exporting Data in Access:
  6. Techniques for importing and exporting data
  7. Creating Forms from Tables
  8. Form creation from existing tables for data entry
  9. Generating Reports in Access
  10. Report generation based on database queries
  11. Querying in Access Databases
  12. Executing queries to extract specific data sets


Word Mastery:

  1. Introduction to MS Word:
  2. Overview of Word interface and functionalities
  3. Font Formatting and Styles
  4. Understanding font formatting options and styles
  5. Page Layout Options
  6. Customizing headers, footers, page numbers, colors, and borders
  7. Text Formatting
  8. Incorporating text boxes, WordArt, drop caps, and symbols
  9. Advanced Features
  10. Hyperlinks, bookmarks, cross-references, watermarks, table of contents, bibliography, citations, captions, footnotes, endnotes, mark entry, and mail merge
  11. Print-related options and track changes in Word


PowerPoint Proficiency:

  1. Introduction to PowerPoint
  2. Overview of PowerPoint interface and functionalities
  3. Formatting Slides and Managing Videos
  4. Techniques for slide formatting and video management
  5. Slide Show Options
  6. Customizing slide show options for presentations
  7. Designing Slides:
  8. Creating captivating presentations with transitions and animations


Benefits of the MS Office Complete Online Course:

  • Versatility: Master the entire suite for various professional tasks.
  • Efficiency: Learn time-saving techniques and advanced features for enhanced productivity.
  • Practical Application: Immediate application of learned concepts with hands-on tutorials.
  • Enhanced Employability: Become a valuable asset in any workplace, increasing job prospects.
  • Professional Development: Suitable for beginners and experienced users, allowing continuous growth.


Who Can Benefit from the Course?

  • Students: Enhance academic projects, presentations, and assignments.
  • Professionals: Improve efficiency in data analysis, report generation, and presentation design.
  • Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners: Streamline business processes and enhance communication.
  • Job Seekers: Gain essential skills and certifications to stand out in the job market.
  • Anyone Interested in MS Office Skills: Suitable for all backgrounds and expertise levels.



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  3. Download and Practice: Download the materials and practice alongside the video tutorials.


Special Note:

The course video files are the property of trainer Himanshu Kumar Dhar and are provided for learning purposes only. Resale, sharing, or uploading anywhere by any means is strictly prohibited.


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